Regional Sports

9:56 am , 01/28/2015 Sun Journal

Cindy Thompson shovels her drive way on Jefferson St. in Lewiston while her three kids, Alexandria, 5, and Robert, 3, play in the show.

9:43 am , 01/28/2015 Sun Journal

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — If cats have nine lives, Bart the black and white feline from Tampa, Florida, has certainly used up one.

9:47 pm , 01/26/2015 Sun Journal

Thomas Cedre (23), Charles Cedre (22) and Elijah Roe of Edward Little High School motivate each other after Charles Cedre sunk a basket and was fouled while doing it against Hampden Academy in Auburn on Monday. 

8:10 pm , 01/25/2015 Sun Journal

"Most people cringe or turn their nose when hear it, then they try it and they're like — hmm, that's pretty good," Smith said, "That's the whole point of it — to get people to say 'that's different' and the idea of us being a food truck — we have to be a little bit different anyway.

10:20 pm , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

PORTLAND (AP) — FairPoint Communications and more than 1,700 striking workers reached the 100-day milestone on Saturday with workers marking the occasion with events across the region and expressing hope that the two sides will soon reach an agreement.

9:36 pm , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

RANGELEY — This year's Snodeo weekend brought enthusiastic throngs of snowmobilers to town. Despite the below-average snowfall, the local trails offered a great base, according to the Rangeley Lake Snowmobile Club treasurer and event organizer Nick Pathiakis.

5:41 pm , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

LEWISTON — On one hand, Norm Meservier was able to get a nice house for a steal back in 1991: $18,000, plus $2,000 to fix the roof. "For $20,000, I got a house — not an apartment — clean and fixed up," he said. "I don't have upstairs neighbors.

5:40 pm , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

AUGUSTA — If you get any kind of check from state government, you are going to see Terry Hayes' signature on it — at least for the next two years. Hayes, an independent who was recently elected state treasurer, said that's one of the weirdest things about her new job.

5:23 pm , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

NEWRY — A Shrewsbury, Mass., man was killed early Saturday morning when his car went off the road and into a utility pole. Mickael A. Jette, 24, was driving south on Sunday River Road near the Route 2 intersection at about 2:37 a.m.

8:11 am , 01/24/2015 Sun Journal

The Maine Warden Service say they found 12-year-old Adam Daggett in the woods in Kennebunkport. His condition at this point isn’t clear, but he has been found alive. The Maine Warden Service said Daggett was last seen around 3 p.m. Friday.